Tips of booking the cheap rooms on Agoda

The booking of domestic hotel is pretty easy anyway because local Aboriginal people, if you go abroad, they must do? In case you do not know what one little place to, information learn quite small, so it must do so in order to choose for themselves one tasty-appointed hotel-cheap. Here are some tips to keep […]

[ Cambodia trip ] – Angko & Koh Rong Saloem (pt1)

Why there’re so much, cheap and nice places for travel at Cambodia? Angkor is too beautiful and monumental and then out to sea well now, đep said, the service is also cheap and eat off Vietnam. Koh Rong Saloem and Koh Rong is renowned for beautiful islands, located about a 30 minute train ride Sihanouck. But […]

These days in Egypt – Journey for discovery the temple of Abu Simbel

Egypt has so many archaeological sites to explore, with a trip lasting more than 10 days that I have been, I’m afraid I can not visit all the landmarks are all there. So I just selected the most important point that I was known. Temple of Abu Simbel temples impressed with when I was studying […]

[ Philippines ] Swimming with whale sharks: Amazing Experience

Whale sharks are fish! Adults, they generally measure 4-14 meters long (but can reach 20 meters long exceptionally), can weigh up to 35 tons and live up to 150 years! They feed mainly on plankton and small fish they eat by mouth. They are very impressive by their size but are completely harmless to humans. […]

[ Laos Trip ] Slowly drifting in Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng from Luang Prabang way of just over 200 kilometres but the car runs takes over six hours because of the way the very horror. From Luang Prabang to go down to Vang Vieng is down the slope so the path loằng snake winding as a 6-hour snake has made me tired and more […]

Hoi An (Danang city) – Old quarter City

Hoi An is a colonial town with 122,000 inhabitants, on the Thubon River, near its confluence with the South China Sea. Here once stood the largest port in Southeast Asia. From the 7th to the 10th century, the Cham people got there with their trade of spices great wealth. Then in the 16th – 17th […]