“Untitle”: a combination of talented independent artists (part 2)

Mr Toan Pham As a performer and researcher, he turned to dance to connect communities, discuss justice and imagine a queer, equal world. The body contains history, identity, and potential – Toan’s works highlight those intersections in the actor’s body. Toan is both interested in social politics, while looking for value in the nature of motion and the emotional exchange between choreographers, actors and audiences.

Toan learned dance from Ananya Dance Theater (Indian contemporary dance) and choreographer Patricia Brown (dance based on dance from Africa). Born and raised in Quang Ngai, Toan is currently working back in Saigon and has performed in spaces such as MoTip, San Art, A. Farm with solo or group works, with performing artists. , sound, sight that Toan admires very much.

In addition to performing, Toan leads workshops for the community to approach dance and connect with the body and others through the language of movement. Toan also coordinates development projects, works as a freelance interpreter, and writer.

and the association with Mr Son Lazio
“As the lengths of the loops vary, they create a phase transition effect that, over time, the difference widens, which can create a meditative and hypnotic listening experience.”

The sound work is inspired by the rooftop space, whose floor and architecture are quite similar to the last scene of the 2001 film ‘A Space Odyssey’ directed by Stanley Kubrick. By working with repetition. In return, the duo takes the audience on an sonic journey to explore an endless cycle of life: birth, life, death, and rebirth.

Son Lazio has started participating in an ambient music project conceived in Saigon. From a series of playing sessions together to explore the possibility of repeating sound samples and synthesizer-generated sounds in non-metric time stamps. On September 3, 2020, the duo released their first music release on ‘Vinyan’ – a digital/cassette compilation ambient album featuring tracks composed by the same producers. from across Asia – on Siamese Twins Records.

Since 2019, the duo has introduced many impressive performances at many locations in Ho Chi Minh City and beyond, such as ‘Ether – Sunset in the Middle’, Time between; ‘The Dreams Within The Dream’, Salon Saigon; ‘Against the season’, Time Between; Vibration Festival, Zigzagger and SchullerSaigon.

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