Sinny Times – “the rebirth” Music Concert Show

Sinny Times is a collaboration between Quoc Thao Drama Theater and PLAYDJ that introduced “Ether: The Rebirth”, a program that showcases performance art, audio, video and visual installations. on the rooftop of an 8-storey building located in District 3, City. Ho Chi Minh City, where Quoc Thao Drama Theater is operating. Through works of art displayed for just one day, the exhibition reimagines the terrace as a public space and inspires conversations about how spaces in the city can be used. to introduce contemporary art to the public.

Literally, Ether means sky, space and is considered the fifth basic element next to the four: earth, air, water and fire in many philosophical and spiritual lines. Ether represents the human spirit, the ability to think and communicate as well as the creative energy of man. Ether is a metaphor for what is beyond our everyday experience.

Ether invites audiences on an experimental journey of self-discovery with artists and works on a floating space – in the middle – where the rooftop is neither on the ground nor in the sky. That space, which can be metaphorically connected with the more and more present state of modern man’s life, the in-between, ambiguous state – geographically, sexually, socially , political or religious – takes place in an age of displacement, in a technologically advanced society filled with information, goods, and a multitude of choices.

Ether: The Rebirth – Rebirth is the third art program in the Ether program series with the idea of ​​​​incubating, forming and developing during the time of social distancing due to the covid-19 pandemic. There’s no denying that the coronavirus has affected our lives in so many ways since the beginning of 2020. It’s time for us to radically rethink the way we live, redefine our place. , how and why we work and create art. The English word Rebirth means the process of rebirth or resurrection or the act of reappearing or beginning to flourish after a period of decline. Ether: The Rebirth – Rebirth refers to the endless cycle of life: birth, life, death and rebirth with an optimistic attitude and hope in resurrection.

Ether: The Rebirth – Rebirth invites each artist to tell their stories and experiences during this difficult time through the language of art. The program hopes to bring close moments and conversations between event attendees, spectators or participating artists on the rooftop space, where they can find resonance between each other or a moment of stillness and nothingness to enter into inner dialogues within oneself.

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