Folk On Jazz / Folk on String’s show on July 2021

Folk On Jazz / Folk on String’s show is a large-scale, daring and unique concert program with the first ever combination of traditional music, jazz, strings and brass of a symphony, with the participation performances by more than 40 talented artists.

Folk On Jazz / Folk on String’s show is an exploration to bridge the familiar and unfamiliar to East-West dialogues, in which jazz plays the role of connecting traditional music and symphonic sounds.

Among more than 40 artists participating in the concert program, there are veteran names of traditional arts such as Meritorious Artist Nguyen Ngoc Khanh (Kenzie – Tuong) and Meritorious Artist Nguyen Van Quy (Battle Drum – Tuong), Meritorious Artist Nguyen Minh Chi (drums – Cheo), People’s Artist Dao Van Trung (guitar – Cai Luong), and talented artists known domestically and internationally such as artist Nguyen Duc Minh (flute pí); experienced jazz musicians and symphonic orchestra under the direction of talented cellist Phan Do Phuc.

The concert introduced newly composed works expressing the desire to convey the quintessential, lyrical beauty of Tuong, Cheo, Cai Luong and Northwest mountainous melodies, at the same time attracting listeners travel into a wider, richer and more contemporary musical space with the improvisational structure of jazz combined with the rich and wide expressive power of the strings and brass in the symphony .

Folk On Jazz / Folk on String’s show invites the audience to an emotional journey of joy and anger, led by the melancholy and quiet features in Ho Chien 7 (Tuong), the lively and joyful features in the Cach style. ow (Chèo), the lyrical substance in Nam Xuan (Cai Luong), the pure and pristine substance in the Northwest mountainous resonance.

Taking on the role of music director of the program is artist Quyen Thien Dac, Vietnam’s leading saxophone “tree” who always researches and searches for different possibilities of combining Jazz with folk music or music. traditional tools. Folk On Jazz / Folk on String’s show is a new development milestone and a professional challenge for him and the artists participating in the show, whether old or young. The concert marked another stage of the group’s musical journey, showing the search for new possibilities to expand and extend the space of indigenous traditional music. And this is the perfect opportunity for artists to share their stories with a wide audience.

Through 6 works with different themes, stories, colors and emotional forms, the audience will feel the strong connection of many aspects in music, of tradition and modernity. of freedom and standards; and hopefully, the connection of music with what is deep within each person.

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