Carmen’s Ballet – the re-enactment

The Ho Chi Minh City Opera and Ballet Theater will collaborate with in the re-enactment of the great composer Carmen’s Ballet Suite, in which a longer version of the work will be released. Falling Angles has a very attractive gender theme.

Sung A Lung, a dancer who sometimes likes to attach the word “H’mong” to his name because he is a son of this land, once impressed with the solo performance on the table in HBSO’s Bolero. , who formed the Falling Angles. However, the choreographer of this work is Nguyen Phuc Hung.

Dance Carmen is one of the most successful works in the dance repertoire of HBSO.

Carmen was originally an opera written by Georges Bizet in 1875. Although it was written in French, it was set in Spain and bullfighting became the focus of the plot. Spanish dances are also included. It was not until 1967 that the dance work Carmen was born in Cuba, a Spanish-speaking country, by choreographer Alberto Alonzo. The music used is a musical suite based on the original Bizet opera.

Both the musical and the dance, the story revolves around the charming and flirtatious worker Carmen. She captivated the young and naive Don Jose. But after a short love affair, she abandoned Don Jose to come to the arrogant bull warrior Escamillo. Both Don Jose and Escamillo will surely face each other, with the same fatal outcome.

The stellar combination of an excellent classic like Carmen and a refreshingly fresh expansion of Falling Angles makes for a very entertaining night. The work will only be performed for one night, so it cannot be missed.

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