A Night of Art installation – “Happiness among the stars”

Inspired by the image of Mr “Ông Sao” lantern in the Mid-Autumn Festival for children and family reunion loved by Vietnamese children, Happiness Among the Stars is like a message and wishes of people. Artists perform works for a Happiness filled with love, faith and light of wishes will come true. From there, fun questions arise: Where do the Stars come from & how are they made?

In February 2021, Tran Minh Duc went to Japan to participate in a composing stay at Yamamoto Seika art space, Osaka. Germany prepares for two-person exhibition Memorable Moments | Celebrating here, the exhibition opens on March 20 and lasts until March 30 with performances and talks with the audience throughout the duration of the exhibition. On March 18, 2020, Vietnam closed its borders to prevent the spread of covid-19 and flights from Japan to Vietnam were also suspended. No one expected that, from that time until now, the flight route from Japan to Vietnam has been closed, although on September 15, there was an announcement to reopen the route, but priority was given to flights from Vietnam and with flights from Vietnam. Flight from Japan to Vietnam is extremely limited and only serves very special cases. Germany has been in Japan for more than 9 months.

Tran Minh Duc (SN 1982) is a visual artist born and studied in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City. Duc’s work focuses on surveying the characteristics of life, people and urban history in the place where he lives, studying the relationship and interaction between the collective and the individual, between the concepts of nature local and foreign. He is drawn to images of the past that inspire human action in fragmented and invisible formats such as oral histories, religious calendars, postcards, and documents. or object found. His work ranges from performance art, photography, collages to prints, installations, motion pictures and music. He received a scholarship from the Asian Cultural Council of Asia ACC, USA 2015 and stayed from January to July 2017. He participated in the AIR program at Tokyo Wonder-Site, Japan (2011), Creators Beyond Pressures, Yangon, Myanmar (2012), Sasebo Art Project, Nagasaki Japan (2015); Sa Sa Art Project, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2015); Bétonsalon Center d’Art et Researche, Paris, France (2016); Art in General, New York, USA (2017); Haenghwatang, Seoul, South Korea (2018); Culture Space Yang, Jeju, Korea (2019), Yamamoto Seika, Osaka from February 2020, FIGYA, Osaka from June 2020. He is currently living in Osaka and working with the artist-in-residence program Super Studio Kitakagaya SSK , Osaka, Japan. Tran Minh Duc graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Painting, Ho Chi Minh City College of Culture and Arts. He has had extensive exhibitions nationally and internationally.

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