Some words to Farewell David Bowie

10.1.2016 is the incredibly day and a sad day of world music, as witness the departure of David Bowie-one of the legendary live music remains, who along with John Lennon, Freddie Mercury … People that Rock or Pop artists later seems to be very few people not influenced him as Steven Wilson had to grieve says so on his facebook page:
“I was feeling not real upon waking this morning in a world where David Bowie not live there anymore. I can’t imagine any Pop or Rock artist on this life without the influence from Bowie, whether directly or indirectly, which I’m also not an exception “.

Madonna also be uttered: “I feel completely collapsed. This great artist who has changed my life “.
Thus, 2 today, the whole world towards the portrait of the great artist, who in his life, he did the right thing as he’s saying: “I don’t know where I will go from here. But I promise, I will not be the boring “. He made music, he created unique style has strong influence in the years 70-80, he appeared to back a film career is not small … He is the inspiration and role model for many artists and fans watching throughout the five decades of making his art.

Fight against cancer during the 18 months, but he still up new Blackstar album right on his birthday not long ago, the album was critically appreciated. And that album, as a prophecy of his death, David Bowie has come out serenely, and received the death a way of peace family parties as revealed by his son, directed by Duncan Jones.

As Freddie Mercury once said: I will not Rock stars, which I will be legendary. Thus, they, that artists who have become immortal, they will always and forever lies in the hearts of fans, is located in the heart of those artists of later generations. They are the source of inspiration, is the eternal vitality, is the icon never fade away of freedom, the, of art, and the value of pure emotions of the human soul.

David Bowie has rest. Pray for peace, he was a great friend to the other side of him.

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