Reverb Effect (pt4) – Parameters Of Room Issues

Now, you have to understand and control the parameters of  Time through to Part 3 of the series Reverb effect. However, if the application of such parameters, you just stop at making the listener vaguely about the size of the room only. To help your figure out more detail on the content and nature of the room space, you have to learn a series of other fundamental parameters … more confusing, more abstract.

Parameter Space Room

The spatial parameters relating to the shape of the room (in one of the device Reverb), sizes and items inside the room. These factors not only affect Decay but also affects all sound reflections from the reverb room start to finish.

When you check sound (soundcheck) for 1 Liveshow at large hall, guitar hear slimy, not clear because a pile of sound reflected from the walls and floors. But at night, the audience swarmed. You will see dry and clear guitars much.

Along one room, in the presence of the audience has 2 effects:

Absorb the sound frequency (similar Damping) leads to reduced Decay
How major objection from the floor
By adjusting the parameters of the room space, you can create a space with acoustical properties as desired.

Room Size / Type
Size / type of room usually affects the magnitude of the Reverb.


However, it is not related to the Decay (the length of the Reverb) as many people still mistake! 1 medium-sized hall and 1 mini supermarket with an area, the same volume but different Decay can totally.

In fact, the sense of the magnitude of the room very much depends on the structure of the Early Reflections.

In terms of duration and intensity, if the Early Reflections appear premature and weak, we feel small room. If it appear slower and stronger, we feel great room.

In terms of sound quality, 1 closet for secret listening Early Reflections and sure; while a circus for the Early Reflection hear open and spacious more.

Furthermore, the diffusion of Reverb is also dependent on the room size. The smaller room, Reverb creates faster (read the section on understanding the principle).

The change of the parameters Room Size / Type 1 affects the time to time, intensity, sound quality (or timbre) of Early Reflections and Reverb diffusion rate. However, only the high-end Reverb new equipment to ensure all 4 elements.

– Diffusion

Observations is the best teacher. You see the illustrations before reading further:
What do you see? Sound waves when hitting the smooth surface reflected relatively intact. However, if the surface is rough, rugged, it decayed (scattering) a lot of different acoustic waves and impaired reflexes. That is the scattering. This phenomenon is similar to the light-scattering phenomena we study in Physics.

Not only reflecting surface that the material of the reflective surface also affects the scattering of sound. Reflective surface material as hard sound, wider, more rigid and reflective sound similar to the original sound. However, reflective surface materials as soft sounds, the more rugged the more angular, so, it more decay and weaken even more original sound; the result is less like Reverb create more original sound.

In one room, the more scattering objects are more complex and harder you hear the sound of a solitary reflection.

Diffusion parameters help you control the level of sound scattering. Low Diffusion, Early Reflections hear better. High Diffusion, hardly hear Early Reflections because it blurred into the overall Reverb.

My Tip: To make space appear more clearly, reducing Diffusion!

– Density

Said one way “academic” Density parameter tells you how many sound reflections generated in 1 sec.

To be affordable, you can adjust the Reverb Density to “concentrate” or “dilution” arbitrary.


The density of sound reflection (reflection) thicker, after experiencing the reflective surface, the better they will reverberate more. All makes Reverb mix hear thicker, stronger. And with low density, Reverb back thinner, lighter.

We need to understand the parameters to design the space for the Reverb are “better” than the natural space! The concept of “good” here is conformity. For a complex mix with many different sound sources, high density Reverb will mask other sounds, alter sound and making musical instruments that were turned out of the common space.

You can see the simple rule?

Complex mixes, low density. See less MIX audio source, you are allowed to push high Density (very carefully) to thicken the Reverb. However, the rule is only a rule, dealt comfortably if available.

Density and Diffusion distinction like?

Diffusion affects the formation of the Early Reflections. Density affects the entire real Reverb (Reverb True or diffuse reverberation).

Diffusion change over time. If Diffusion low, you can discern a few objectionable (reflections) at first sound (Early Reflections), but then you will only hear the sound Reverb homogeneous blocks only.

If density is low, you will distinguish the individual sound reflections during Reverb place.

– Echo

Do you remember shouting in the cave for example? After yelling “Bam!” You hear the echo smaller A. A beginning was 1 hour, after 1 or 2 hours extra a little more and gradually. The echo is also the Echo.

Not only in caves or cliff, Echo can still see in the common room with two parallel opposite wall. The sound reflected from the wall to the other wall as one ping-pong ball and vice versa. If the hard floor surface and little things inside, you can hear the echo when between 2 walls applause. Echo very short time, repeat much. They called it Flutter Echo.

You can see the Flutter Echo sound a bit like listening to Spring Reverb, repeating much faster. If time Echo below 200 milliseconds, you will recreate Flutter Echo.

German Echo longer than is generated by the enhanced sound reflects back into position after the source bump into many other reflective surface. If you ever play pinball, sound waves would be the marbles. When you use two small pole (acting as the sound source) below push up marbles. Marbles hitting obstructions (surface echoes) to then fall in place 2 pieces of old need not just 1 play back always.

In the large and open space than, as before 1 mountain rock, Echo effects can also appear when the Early Reflections (the first objection) after another in waves so you can distinguish each individual echoes.

So obviously, Echo can also create a sense of the magnitude of space and Reverb become more vivid. However, when large Size Echo set, you need to lengthen Decay corresponding to hear the effect.

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