Reverb Effect (pt1) – The glue of sound

There is a one kind of sound effects are used the most, and also plays a key role in … ruining the amateur mixes and honoring the professional mixes. Yes, that’s right because I’m talking to Reverb today.

In the studio, Reverb is an extremely important effect. It is important that if given 2 professional sound engineer and a project that only they changed Reverb, results received will be 2 mixes with totally different feeling.

In real life, Reverb everywhere. In the bath, in bed, in the theater, at work …

So what are Reverb and its role REALLY like? Understanding the Reverb will help you recognize the correct role of sound effects (also two-edged knife) No. 1 and examined again the murky mix that you can not resolve after hours Alignment .

What is Reverb?

Imagine, when you stand in a cave, and shout: Ahhhhhh

First you hear is what? Of course that sounds … Ahhhh by you scream accompanied by countless Ahh Ahh Ahh letters (smaller, dimmer) Other produced by natural echoes from the cliffs.

Thousands of reflected sound in a natural way from the surface (in caves, the rocks and of course …) that blend into one another, together forming Reverb help you get a feel for space (to small, near and far, the cover …) and feeling emotional (cold, warm, friendly, magical, authentic …).

If in the living room, the sound reflections that will be smaller and shorter than that you could not hear much as in the cave. That gives you the feeling that you are talking in the living room rather than a different monumental space.

The main difference in surface reflectance and audio materials, the distance from the sound source (in this case your mouth) to a material surface sound reflections (walls, stone walls, floors …) and magnitude of space helped you feel clear about his standing more space as I have illustrated above.


Do you know that Bat is the animal which navigate paths based Reverb?

Why? Because sound waves emitted from the mouth you move through the air takes a certain time to reach the sound reflecting surface (rock, wall, ceiling …). This gap the greater the time you hear the sound waves bounce off the longer that you have greater feeling of space.

Depending on the material surface, sound waves are absorbed / altered in different ways, weakened then reflected back. It helps you feel emotions (cold or warm space, department or airy pumpkin, real or broken …) due to sound waves was absorbed and change sound quality on the way back to your ear.

So, even in the room with 2 volume, size, material walls, floors, ceilings identical but different things inside, you’ll feel different about space.

Of course, your ears must pass before annealing then realized the difference that a purposeful way.

Core Role of Reverb in the MIX?

If asked “sound engineer” rookie or not understanding the nature of matter. You very easily get answers to questions like the following dangers:

– To vocal / instrument listen dry down

– To listen to a broader mix

So why do people have to use Reverb?

Because each instrument was recorded in a different space and miking techniques (mic recording set) different. With electronic instruments like Synthesizer, of course, it does not contain any of the acoustic properties of the space yet. But even with the instrument recorded by the microphone, the feeling of space and almost imperceptible (unless intentionally as Room Mic for recording Drums) by the microphone is placed very close to pronounce and put resources in Environmental maximum destructive sound wave reflections.


(Place the microphone close to the sound source to eliminate echoes)

Therefore, if you put all the sounds collected in a mix, which we hear will be a sound mixture of discrete, separately and as can not be found together in one mix!

Core role of Reverb is mounted various sound sources and putting them in the same common space. When using the Reverb in the mix, always remember this core role to avoid going against the purpose of the Reverb (for example, sing in the vocal sounds like snare drums also like hitting in the box).

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