Jack audio signal and the classifications

Positive signal and  standard Jack will contribute to the best signal to the devices in your audio system. The audio signal will be transmitted to the device completely if you use these types of signal quality jack.

With this article, I will classify and give advice on selecting signal jack to achieve the best sound for your system.

Usually in the stereo one commonly used types of signal transmission jack and jack jack Canon 6 cups, so in this article I will focus on two categories introduced this jack. If selected between 2 this kind, then you should select the Canon jack, because this type of connector is designed with 3 connector will create the best contact with the system and the efficiency gains will be highest for equipment Audio.
these loai jack audio signals common

1. Jack signal Canon
This is a common type of jack which we interact a lot, but few people pay attention to and know its name. Canon popular Jack is used to connect a microphone, singing karaoke microphone jack is connected to the Canon jack. In the professional sound system, the Canon jack is used commonly, it connects the microphone to the mixer and from the mixer transmitted to other devices in the system. Canon jack reason many users believe that because it is capable of fairly good signal, the connectors firmly, without causing loose or come apart during use. Jack type also have high reliability thanks to solid metal cladding.
Jack Canon has 3 legs welded according to international standards, the pole in jack is provided as follows:
_ Leg 1: Welding in wire armored masse
_ Leg 2: South on the positive wire (+)
_ Leg 3: Welding in wire negative (-1)
Jack Canon currently designed is divided into 2 categories and Canon Canon male female. You will easily distinguish between what is male jack jack thanks to the first connector, male jack Canon will have
3 metal rods inside the shell, while the Canon jack will be 3 holes to receive the signal from Canon male jack. According to the standard of sound rules will be available Canon bull signal source (Output) and Canon will get the task of collecting the signal (Input). This provision is considered accurate and always remembered.

However, there is still the exception when using canon jack used to connect to speakers. In the speaker system, the speaker is receiving signal parts so often used as jack male canon, including IN / OUT on the same speaker, we must distinguish between the speaker wire and the other signal conductor . wire between the speaker will have two head canon (one) while wiring the signal circuit with two heads distinguish one male canon jack (output) and 1 jack canon female (input).

Standing at the top of the power output using the speaker wiring pile 2 separate colors, red (positive polarity), black (negative polarity), when you connect to the speakers, the speakers have started in input jack canon regulation backwards : input use male canon, because the signal voltage speaker wires always high, above Cord if the canon jack used to higher increased safety (fewer problems between the two poles touch short circuit) and not confuse other signal wires.

2. Jack signal 6ly
Common jack type 2 signal that is jack 6 cups. Jack 6 glasses is divided into 2 categories:
6 cups Jack Mono signal (TS): Top of mono jack 2 pole, one pole is the hull (Sleeve) welded armored shell and pole will come into contact with the circuit “ground” of the device. 2nd pole is (Tip) is located at the outermost tip used to solder circuit signal wiring. Jack mono commonly used in signal transmission circuitry mono or unbalance.
6 cups signal Stereo Jack (TRS): First Stereo jack would have 3 poles: hull (Sleeve) Welding circuit “ground”, Ring is the circuit signal wire has negative polarity, solder tip’s outermost circuit signal circuit pole yang, referred to as TRS from the letters: Tip, Ring, Sleeve used for stereo circuit, balance or the signal wire insert.

That’s 2 jack type of audio signal and are now the most common use. You can choose to purchase one of two categories to be used for your sound system. But if you want the audio signal is transmitted entirely and achieve the best standard you should choose to use Canon Jack signal. Wish you have added new knowledge for yourself when reading this article.

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